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At last, choices that suit me!

This is the slogan for Skylink BOUTIK, our new loyalty program that replaces the Sears gift-card rewards program.

The BOUTIK will allow our clients to accumulate points in their personal accounts and exchange them for a wide range of gift certificates! The program is adapted to suit your tastes, easy to use and fully secure!

In order to take full advantage of our new BOUTIK loyalty program, you must register and obtain your new user ID and personal password.

Important information

We are required by law, to obtain your Social Insurance Number, legal name and home address in order to issue a T4A Form with respect to taxable benefits on redemption of Boutik points within the fiscal year. If you have exchanged points during the year, a copy of the T4A form will be filed with the CRA in January and one copy will be sent to you. Once this information has been provided, you will have access to the redemption page. Rest assured that strict security measures are in place to safeguard your personal information.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding

Once you have obtained your new user code and personal password, we will provide you with secure access to your personal SKYLINK BOUTIK account. This user ID/password is your new PIN!

Use your new user code and password to accumulate points during applicable promotions with MAGELLAN and through our call centre.

Visit the BOUTIK on our Website to view the information in your personal account. Exchange your points for the gift certificates of your choice or to make partial or full payments on your personal travel packages .

Nothing could be easier. Simply fill out the form and start taking advantage of our promotions!